Coding on the Frontlines: Observer Pattern

Hey guys, I started a new video series called "Coding on the Frontlines".

Here's the first video!

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IoT can be addictive, fun and frustrating

The internet of things (IoT) has been taking the internet by storm. There's been a few practical applications of IoT but Arduino has made the barrier to entry quite low if you're willing to spend some time and money on it. Overall it's been addictive, fun and frustrating. I'll attempt to document my journey with one of the devices I made.

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Close the CloudFlare SSL gap

Hi there, if you've read up on how to use CloudFlare for free SSL but were put off by the part about 'it is not secure from CF to your provider', fret not. Let's close that gap (and it's still free).

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You should be using SSL, it's free

This post is how to get no-cost SSL solution (besides your time) for your website or API.

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Part two: Multi-tenant sites in Umbraco

If you read my previous post about Separating your concerns in a single Umbraco site install, you may wanna know that I've made an optional improvement to the flow. Using Grunt as a file watcher\copy instead of post-build events.

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My Personal Development Principles

Having worked in various environments with differing levels of success. I've come to a few conclusions that I've forged into my 'personal development principles'. 

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Separate your concerns with a single core Umbraco install with many sites

TL;DR: This is about how to organize a multisite Umbraco install.

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Diary of a hobby gamer: Part one - Ambition

I've always loved playing games but I've never really understood how they were made at a code level. I've decided I want to learn from the ground up and decided to write a blog about my journey. Why not use Unity3D you say? Well I took a stab at it and decided to pump the brakes on that to understand the core essence of games first. I will definitely give Unity another try at some point in the future. This is part one of a series of blogs on my learning process on building an entire game with it's own engine.

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Monolith vs discrete repos and how it affects versioning and packaging

It's fairly hard to Google the topics of "how do we set up a repo for our team so we don't wanna kill each other?" or "how do we version and package up our code once we barf enough code into the repo?"

How to set up your code repositories is a contentious topic. I won't presume to know your exact situation but I've come across enough scenarios to give a little insight on what works and what has caused utter chaos.

Admittedly this stuff is hard and many teams just get stuck and can never put their finger on the problem. Indulge me if you will on these hotly contested topics. For our exercise, let's assume we have two teams -- the UI and API team. And since I'm a .NET developer, we'll be speaking in those terms.

Let's talk about general repo paradigm's. The monolith vs the discrete repo then see how it picking one or the other relates to a SOA application.

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Decouple with the observer pattern

An oft-forgotten pattern in C# is the observer pattern. The observer pattern is great for taking a step towards future-proofing your codebase by adding hooks at important spots in the lifecycle of your code.

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Projects near and dear to me

  • Umbraco

    Umbraco is the best CMS I've ever worked with. As such I've put in a lot of work extending Umbraco along with the occassional pull-request. Umbraco is open-source and has the best community bar none.

  • Archetype

    Archetype is the most difficult and successful project I've ever attempted. This project represents fantastic collaboration and creativity while continuing to remain popular over the last couple of years. It also serves as a great example on how extensible Umbraco is.

  • Learn Umbraco 7

    What started as a way to help my co-workers at the University of Notre Dame assimlate Umbraco faster, has now become a nice companion to the official Umbraco documentation.

  • Bookshelf

    When writing Learn Umbraco 7, I decided it would be nice to write and embed markdown books with Umbraco. As a result, Bookshelf was built to fill that need.

  • And many more!

    I have many open-source projects on GitHub you may be interested in! Umbraco 7 property editors, an encrypted settings app and my special laboratory project call Grease.

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