uWestFest 16 - Pushing the Limits

uWestFest 2016

I had the privilege of getting to speak at this year's uWestFest that was held as a one-day affair at the University of San Diego in California. My topic was entitled "Pushing the Limits" which was an extension of Niels Hartvig's "refinement vs exploration" keynote theme. More specifically, my talk centered around building a digital asset management system with Umbraco as the central tool. When building this, we colored outside the lines quite often while exploriing extended functionality of built-in Umbraco components.

You can download the full presentation here which covers some of the features and related challenges we faced along the way. In the end we were able to include the following features:

  • All images live in Azure Blob Storage (including their cached thumbnails)
  • There are currently 15K images (55GB) in the archive
  • All images are protected by the Umbraco Membership API
  • Images were manipulated by ImageProcessor (resized desaturated/watermarked thumbnails)
  • Images are keyworded individually or in bulk (meta data is stored inside files themselves)
  • Images are searched with Examine and have no DB dependency (indexing directly off of Azure Blob Storage)
  • Images can be downloaded in bulk as a ZIP
  • Users can browse by folder or search by keyword

I'd like to thank the folks at Scandia for allowing me to participate and I thought the venue selection and speakers were top notch. If the video becomes publicly available, I'll provide a link as well.