Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Android 6 Marshmallow Issues

If you're like me, you may have recently updated to Android 6.0 Marshmallow. There have been some hiccups for users along the way and I'm not immune. My Samsung Galaxy Note 5 had two main issues immediately following the update: I could not receive email and I could not longer connect to my home wifi.

Email Sync Issues

This one really got my heart racing since I could no longer receive emails. My Gmail accounts worked fine but my custom provided email would no longer sync. I had tried a few things to get it to sync without any resolution. Finally when I thought all was lost I got it to work. It turns out that for whatever reason my email providers TLS solution is no longer compatible with Marshmallow. To fix it I did the following on each account:

  1. Open the Email App
  2. Tap 'more'
  3. Tap 'settings'
  4. Tap an account to update
  5. Tap 'server settings' (at the bottom)
  6. Change IMAP settings to use SSL

Strangely I can still use TLS for SMTP outbound.

Home Wi-fi

My phone would also get stuck on 'obtaining IP' or 'could not connect' despite reentering the wi-fi information (even forgetting the network). To fix it I'm had to setup a static IP as the normal DHCP method was not doing the job. To be fair, my phone is connecting to my work wi-fi just fine so it's possible that there is an issue between my phone and my particular router. To setup a static IP for your wi-fi, follow these instructions.

In general your wi-fi settings will be something like this:

  • IP that you know is open on your network. If your network is something like 192.168.0.x, then pick (has to be between 2 and 254). Keep in mind that there could be other devices already using the lower numbers.
  • Gateway: (address of your admin page likely)
  • Mask:
  • DNS: (Google free DNS server)

Your network setup will vary and you'll have to do some tinkering around.

Hopefully I won't run into any more heart stopping moments with Marshmallow but if I do I'll return with an update. My buddy had issues on his phone and had to factory reset it to get the phone working again :)