Items tagged as "minimum viable product series":

Minimum Viable Product - Part 10 - The End

In this series we looked at how to get a blog up and running with some minimal features. I'd like to conclude it with a few things we haven't yet mentioned and finally send you on your way.


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Minimum Viable Product - Part 9 - Azure Hosting

I think you should be hosting your Umbraco site in the cloud be it AWS, Azure or UaaS. I highly recommend using Azure if you can afford it. Be sure to take advantage of all the free service credits Microsoft gives away as there is no telling how long they'll offer them. As UaaS evolves, it may end up being the defacto hosting for most Umbraco sites just like Wordpress has done.

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Minimum Viable Product - Part 8 - RSS

Are RSS feeds dead or alive? Meh, who cares! Let's take the time to learn a bit about how to add one quickly to your site.

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Minimum Viable Product - Part 7 - Searching Content

Use the built-in search functionality of Umbraco to provide a wonderful experience for users trying to find content on your site.

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Minimum Viable Product - Part 6 - Contact Form

So far in this series we've picked our blog features, we've setup document types, data types, put together some templates and learned about tagging articles. Today we will look at a basic feature of any website — the contact form.

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Minimum Viable Product - Part 5 - Tags

In part 5, we look at tags and content finders with Umbraco to retrieve content quickly and easily.

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Minimum Viable Product - Part 4 - Templates

Find out how you have 100% markup control, several ways to get the data from a data type onto a template and an idea of how to structure your views with Umbraco.

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Minimum Viable Product - Part 3 - Data types

Part 3 explores how to place data types on document types in preparation for outputting human input onto templates.

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Minimum Viable Product - Part 2 - Organizational Structure

Part 2 of this mini-series will show you how to organize your content and document types with Umbraco.

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Minimum Viable Product - Part 1 - The Ingredients

I designed and built this new blog in less than 7 days. This is part one of a series that documents the design, planning and building of an Umbraco site with minimum viable features.


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Projects near and dear to me

  • Umbraco

    Umbraco is the best CMS I've ever worked with. As such I've put in a lot of work extending Umbraco along with the occassional pull-request. Umbraco is open-source and has the best community bar none.

  • Archetype

    Archetype is the most difficult and successful project I've ever attempted. This project represents fantastic collaboration and creativity while continuing to remain popular over the last couple of years. It also serves as a great example on how extensible Umbraco is.

  • Learn Umbraco 7

    What started as a way to help my co-workers at the University of Notre Dame assimlate Umbraco faster, has now become a nice companion to the official Umbraco documentation.

  • Bookshelf

    When writing Learn Umbraco 7, I decided it would be nice to write and embed markdown books with Umbraco. As a result, Bookshelf was built to fill that need.

  • And many more!

    I have many open-source projects on GitHub you may be interested in! Umbraco 7 property editors, an encrypted settings app and my special laboratory project call Grease.