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Monolith vs discrete repos and how it affects versioning and packaging

It's fairly hard to Google the topics of "how do we set up a repo for our team so we don't wanna kill each other?" or "how do we version and package up our code once we barf enough code into the repo?"

How to set up your code repositories is a contentious topic. I won't presume to know your exact situation but I've come across enough scenarios to give a little insight on what works and what has caused utter chaos.

Admittedly this stuff is hard and many teams just get stuck and can never put their finger on the problem. Indulge me if you will on these hotly contested topics. For our exercise, let's assume we have two teams -- the UI and API team. And since I'm a .NET developer, we'll be speaking in those terms.

Let's talk about general repo paradigm's. The monolith vs the discrete repo then see how it picking one or the other relates to a SOA application.

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Projects near and dear to me

  • Umbraco

    Umbraco is the best CMS I've ever worked with. As such I've put in a lot of work extending Umbraco along with the occassional pull-request. Umbraco is open-source and has the best community bar none.

  • Archetype

    Archetype is the most difficult and successful project I've ever attempted. This project represents fantastic collaboration and creativity while continuing to remain popular over the last couple of years. It also serves as a great example on how extensible Umbraco is.

  • Learn Umbraco 7

    What started as a way to help my co-workers at the University of Notre Dame assimlate Umbraco faster, has now become a nice companion to the official Umbraco documentation.

  • Bookshelf

    When writing Learn Umbraco 7, I decided it would be nice to write and embed markdown books with Umbraco. As a result, Bookshelf was built to fill that need.

  • And many more!

    I have many open-source projects on GitHub you may be interested in! Umbraco 7 property editors, an encrypted settings app and my special laboratory project call Grease.